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    The BAJ was formed to provide professional leadership for the financial managers and heads of support services of school, thus enhancing effectiveness, success and improved efficiency, thereby ensuring a higher standard of learning in schools resulting in improved standards of achievement.

    The Association represents persons responsible for Finance and Accounting along with one or more of the following support areas of a school

    Facilities and Property Management, Human Resource Management, Canteen Operations, Administrative Management, and Information Management.
    The Association has several objectives which include: Developing and maintaining a code of conduct and guidance for its members regarding their professional work. Organising discussions, conferences, seminars and workshops on various issues in educational institution management. Publishing newsletters and such other publications as The Association shall determine from time to time. Establishing and promoting networking opportunities and mentoring support for Bursars. Fostering links and exchanges with similar organisations in financial and support system management in education overseas. Seeking funding and engaging in fund-raising activities to enable the Association to carry out its activities. Acting on behalf of its members in all matters relating to Conditions of Service. read more


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